Is there An ICO Community?

Looking for an ICO Community

You can usually determine how much confidence is expected to be placed in a new ICO by looking at the size of the community. The value of any coin is going to ultimately dependent mostly on the anticipated supply and demand of the product or service the ICO is supposed to service.

Every cryptocurrency has an Initially determined supply of coins which will slowly be released to the public over time.

What is an ICO Community Manager?

If there was only one single platform in the world for people to exchange information about upcoming ICOs and cryptocurrency news, it would make marketers’ lives a breeze.

However, that isn’t the case, and marketers’ lives are not a breeze. While there is no unanimously agreed upon definition of the cryptocurrency community, it can be loosely described as a vast and widespread group of people who connect via different mediums in cyberspace.


It is the responsibility of the ICO community manager to engage and optimize the community through the mediums favored by the cryptocurrency community.

The channels that fall under the responsibility of the ICO Manager vary, dependent on the company size, its budget, its overall marketing strategy and the ICO manager itself.

However, an ICO community manager should be looking to establish a presence and the transparency and trust needed for a successful ICO across as many channels as possible.

With that in Mind, we found a source of information where ICO Community Managers can go to check for possible sources called the ico junky blog

There is some definite blurring in the roles of an ICO community manager. What’s the difference between what a social media manager does versus a community manager, and what’s the difference between an ICO community manager and a “regular” community manager? Well, a lot depends on ICO management strategy and its intended presence in particular channels, and a lot depends on the actual person.

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